Taylors Lane

Trottiscliffe, Kent

ME19 5ES


Landscape Managment; Chaucer provides a wide portfolio of LM services including consultancy, surveying and assessing, land use and environmental policies and practices advice, and the provision of Landscape Management Plans.

Green Infrastructure Leasing; Green Roofs and Living Walls are available at a fixed monthly fee, avoiding the capital cost of these projects and bringing peace of mind over the design and maintenance aspects. Chaucer works in conjuction with Green Infrastructure Leasing Ltd and our national network of the best Green Infrastructure providers.

Garden Design; all aspects of design from small spaces to landscapes are covered. Garden/site surveys and site analysis are provided and the proposed designs are professionally CAD presented. We will also supply you with photos of recommended planting, sketches and 'mood boards' to convey the design.

Planting purchase and layout; once you've decided on the preferred design, we'll provide the plants and ensure a professional planting layout. Please note that plants are purchased solely from certified stock providers and planted to RHS/Industry standards - prices exclude a warranty beyond this duty of care on our part.

Garden Maintenance; from pruning to tree services and weeding to drainage systems, you can rely on Chaucer for dependable, affordable service.

Hard landscaping; All aspects of hard landscaping are supplied - alpine gardens, decking, patios, garden buildings.